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Shelly switch needs improvement?

Should it have been with poe, etc  

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  1. 1. Should it have been with poe, etc

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Hi all,

I just re-watched the March 5th stream where they introduced the switch (and just got a mail about it as well)

I must say i was kind of 'shocked' to see Dimitri say: we could not introduce POE because of the size limits etc (and said nothing about it being only 10/100)
but how can size be the issue?
I'd like to sketch with a picture attached.
a fully managed switch 5 ports total can be powered with POE or usb C

and look at the size comparison vs 1module wide shelly


this switch is also a bit cheaper so pricepoint shouldn't be the thing..

is it just me or could shelly have done better?



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POE would only make sense if the Pro-Series can also be supplied with power via POE.
It would also reduce the amount of wiring.
I like the idea 😉 

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On 5/14/2024 at 2:02 PM, Heinz said:

very true would only make sense to have more bandwidth and POE if the devices require it 

if you limit the use to only the shelly I'd agree but sometimes a camera or nvr solution near your cabin isn't rare.

certainly given the formfactor of the switch i linked, I found the explanation of shelly: 'it can't be done at this size' very strange.
the unify hardware would fit in the shelly housing with little effort.

also sometimes a switch is just used to daisy chain to another switch f.e. ->

i have a UTP cable up to my garage this connects to a unify switch in my electric cabinet and continues to another switch near the cnc and plasma cutter,
thus that whole switch is now limited to 100mb if i were to daisy chain.

plus allowing poe would in case of belgian law not only reduce the nr of wires in the cabinet but also the switch needs a another fuse as well..

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Posted (edited)
On 5/13/2024 at 3:18 PM, ByteBard494F54 said:

For me the question would be why would you need POE in the Shelly Lan switch as well as more speed. Its connecting to the Shelly Pro devices so no need for POE or speed

poe = one wire going to switch
non poe = utp + power + separate fuse.


plus the cost of the switch is very high comparatively

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