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  1. The connection is made parallel to the load. It is recommended to install the snubber as close to the load as possible.
  2. Bekanntes Problem. Die Entwickler sind dran. Wird hoffentlich bald behoben sein
  3. use it for Reset or opening AP Mode: Press and hold for 5 seconds to enable Device access point and Bluetooth connection. Press and hold for 10 seconds to factory reset the Device.
  4. should normally work without any problems. Which firmware version is installed? Please install latest 1.3.2
  5. Hello, at the moment it is not possible to deactivate the Status LED with Gen2 or Gen3 Devices. But please leave a feature request using the device and feature request form below: https://allterco.freshdesk.com/en/support/tickets/new?ticket_form=devices_and_features_proposals_***_(use_this_form_for_proposing_your_ideas_only) The more of these inquiries received, the higher the likelihood that the customer's wishes will be implemented - if it is technically possible.
  6. You're right, it was a little misunderstanding on my part. Personally, I would solve it differently if you still have a channel left from the Pro3: 1st channel of the Pro3 controls the 2nd channel for pure ON/OFF 2nd channel Power on default=on with Loop Auto Timer Off 42600sec and Auto tinmer On = 5sec This means that it is always possible to switch the salt steriliser on and off with the 1st channel, when on then max 11 hours and 50 minutes and off for 5 seconds
  7. It could be related to the well-known capacitor problem. In order to be able to process your case optimally, please submit a support ticket via the ticket system: https://support.shelly.cloud/de/support/tickets/new I am sure that support team will help you satisfactorily
  8. No script is necessary for this. Use a simple schedule for off at a specific time in conjunction with Auto on timer = 5 seconds
  9. Reboot walldisplay and try again please. It works with my htg3
  10. With http://IP_your_PMMiniG3/rpc/shelly.GetStatus you can find total energy
  11. It's already easy to add the H&TG3: go to the home screen and swipe down from the top. Tap on the pencil symbol and select "choose a sensor". Here you can then select your desired sensor
  12. Wait for the next firmware release for the Pro 3EM, with this it will certainly be possible
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