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I am new here and my time is precious, so with all the respect, please do confirm:

  1. is this an official Shelly forum with active customer support?
  2. or just a place where end-users help other end-users, hence the "community help itself" under passive oversight of some representative from Shelly?

As a customer seeking help/support, should I use:

  1. this forum
  2. direct line at https://support.shelly.cloud/en/support/tickets/new?ticket_form=ask_a_question
  3. or https://smarthome-forum.eu/forum/ (as that forum over there feels like more active/non-dead)

Thank you!


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Hi @HwpFEr2vbuAhbpbjqQ27eorCWn

as @terae said this is the Official Shelly forum and has direct access to Shelly employees. Shelly Forum is a community of IoT enthusiasts with a vast knowledge of the Shelly products. 

You would be able to find a solution to many issues here on the forum, we are currently building up the Forum and should see more information and activity in the coming weeks. If you need help you are welcome to open a ticket on the support, or post your questions on the Forum and the team will be able to assist you with your question. 


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