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  1. Through web browser should work. If not, try to factory reset it and try again. If still not working, it's probably time to open RMA case (to replace with new).
  2. Whatever 16A+... the MCB can also be replaced with 16A variation. And that MCB's job is to be overload caused over temperature shield for wiring. But more easy to find 25A than 16A single phase contactor. ps. Support your local electrician!
  3. 16A/channel does not come 25A with any trick. Use 25A contactor to drive with Shelly Pro channels, it's the only way you aren't compromising safety.
  4. Capacitive - / inductive + which means effective power without reactive power amount... so if you need for example 1000W power to do work and PF is -0.7 or +0.7 then you actually need over 1400W worth of Amperes through wiring but only 1000W does work. cos φ = P / S = P / (U·I) Negative value means you make the extra from devices to grid, compensating the positive at grid side. Other way you need to transfer that from grid. Amount is same, direction isn't. Compensation should be at close as possible to devices needing it. That's why power factor correction.
  5. Hi! I think that should fit. There's plenty of free space inside. The relays from factory are 20A mini relays (sub miniatyre high power version), so bigger than in other Shelly devices. I think those were Hongfa HF25F type...
  6. terae


    Turn MQTT on and RPC event messages ("RPC status notifications over MQTT:")on from it. It will send info to MQTT broker, including all that and more. {"src":"shellypro3em-##########","dst":"#########/events","method":"NotifyStatus","params":{"ts":1714929935.58,"em:0":{"id":0,"a_act_power":216.2,"a_aprt_power":297.5,"a_current":1.268,"a_freq":50.0,"a_pf":0.72,"a_voltage":234.9,"b_act_power":-20.5,"b_aprt_power":65.3,"b_current":0.276,"b_freq":50.0,"b_pf":0.31,"b_voltage":236.8,"c_act_power":46.7,"c_aprt_power":185.8,"c_current":0.786,"c_freq":50.0,"c_pf":0.27,"c_voltage":236.7,"n_current":null,"total_act_power":242.430,"total_aprt_power":548.652,"total_current":2.330}}} There you find all the values like a_current b_current and c_current
  7. 1/2; this is official, but also end-user to end-user, and 1/2, not 3; this forum you may find answers, but if not then use 2 which is only official real support system, that 3 is just 3rd party's thing nothing to do with official things
  8. Do you route N through device terminals? It's common cause...
  9. Like already told, you need dry relay between those if the supposed to be triggering one leaks voltage. If any voltage difference, it will trigger Shelly SW input. There's about half of voltage at input with small energy (partial wave), so it will trigger to any difference (to L or to N or something else if leaks to different potential).
  10. terae

    Shelly S plug

    Which version of Plug S, the old Gen1 or Plus v1/v2? After firmware update be sure you have refreshed cache of browser. The program is running partially at browser and old cache will keep old program parts in memory. CTRL-F5 or so.
  11. Plus devices have 500mA fuse and VDR to catch real power surges. Used here with constant 220-240Vac 50Hz.
  12. Great! Thank you for info. Many are waiting to have that solved.
  13. The technology is called 1-wire. You can feed these from any DC source locally and just transfer data by one wire, another one has to be same ground but not exactly in same cable.
  14. Did you already figure out it? This is way to turn on/off relays (in example first one, starts from 0) mosquitto_pub -u "$user" -P "$pass" -h localhost -t "$id"/rpc -m '{"id": 1, "src": "whatever", "method":"Switch.Set", "params":{"id":0,"on":true} }' mosquitto_pub -u "$user" -P "$pass" -h localhost -t "$id"/rpc -m '{"id": 1, "src": "justsomething", "method":"Switch.Set", "params":{"id":0,"on":false} }' same with all gen2 except switch-addon to Pro 3EM which is relay 100. So like this mosquitto_pub -h -u user -P pass -p 1883 -t shellyplus1pm-7c87ce735d94/rpc -m '{"id": 123, "src": "whocares", "method":"Switch.Set", "params":{"id":0,"on":true} }'
  15. I can confirm, same happens. Some amount of debug log just disappears somewhere after running that? Same with UDP log etc...
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