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Overheating Pro1PM when drawing 234V, 3,000W - 12.82A?

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Due to the fact, the Shelly pro 1PM has only one N terminal, it is IMHO hardly possible to route a neutral wire through the device. But a close distance to other components (Shellies, relays, fuses) in the fuse box may increase the internal temperature, which is measured by a NTC nearby the internal relay.

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On 4/27/2024 at 10:25 PM, Olsche said:

What is the installation situation (ambient temperature, space to the left and right of the Pro1PM)?

what does the output of http:/DeviceIP/rpc/Shelly.GetStatus say?

This occurred today:

{"ble":{},"cloud":{"connected":true},"eth":{"ip":null},"input:0":{"id":0,"state":true},"input:1":{"id":1,"state":true},"mqtt":{"connected":true},"switch:0":{"id":0, "source":"overtemp", "output":false, "apower":0.0, "voltage":241.3, "freq":50.0, "current":0.000, "pf":0.00, "aenergy":{"total":386435.051,"by_minute":[0.000,0.000,0.000],"minute_ts":1715575260}, "ret_aenergy":{"total":0.000,"by_minute":[0.000,0.000,0.000],"minute_ts":1715575260},"temperature":{"tC":46.8, "tF":116.3}},"sys":{"mac":"30C6F7829EAC","restart_required":false,"time":"14:41","unixtime":1715575302,"uptime":1402356,"ram_size":259240,"ram_free":100384,"fs_size":524288,"fs_free":217088,"cfg_rev":11,"kvs_rev":0,"schedule_rev":0,"webhook_rev":0,"available_updates":{},"reset_reason":3},"wifi":{"sta_ip":"","status":"got ip","ssid":"LeStrandStarlunk","rssi":-89},"ws":{"connected":false}}

I will get a thermometer into the panel.

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