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  1. Spending an extra 24V DC power supply, calibration is possible: This is achieved by routing the mains voltage through the Shelly (a Shelly plus 2PM will fit equally), thus enabling the power measurement, which is essentially for calibration.
  2. Volle Zustimmung! Ohne zweipoligen Spannungsprüfer geht keine Installation.
  3. How did you connect the Shelly? (Sorry for not looking the YT - but I‘ve phobia against this kind of media). Did you verify the blue wire is indeed a neutral one?
  4. Most likely, the 100μF/16V is faulty (capacitance loss). New part should have not more than 5mm diameter and a length of max 11,5mm.
  5. Following a short list with energy meter IC: Shelly 1PM, plus 1PM, PlugS, plus PlugS: BL0937 (P/f-coding, NO direction indication) Shelly 2.5, plus 2PM, pro 1PM, pro 2PM, pro EM-50: ADE7953 (SPI, i2C, WITH direction indication) Shelly 3EM, pro 3EM: ADE7880 (SPI, i2C, WITH direction indication) Shelly mini 1PM, mini PM: BL0942 (SPI, WITH direction indication) Shelly (plus) 1PM Gen3: BL0942 (SPI, WITH direction indication)
  6. No. The Add-On delivers 10V DC “off the shelf”.
  7. Audio level with BT sender and receiver is in general difficult: Have a B&W zeppelin which has no physical level control. With different BT sources it’s a hassle… Would it be possible to add a default audio level in the WD?
  8. Man kann 2 Shellies mit einem Taster steuern, wenn die beiden Geräte von einer gemeinsamen Phase versorgt werden.
  9. Wegen der Kopplung über das Trennrelais ist keine Kalibrierung möglich. Oder ist Dir das etwa gelungen? Daher können keine prozentualen Zwischenstellungen angefahren werden.
  10. It is a tiny, China-made stereo amplifier with BT input: Don‘t know the producer nor the type…
  11. Radio playback can be stopped and resumed with pause/play button and every radio station - except, Bluetooth was interrupted! Yesterday, I did the following: (a) Switching off BT speaker during radio playback (b) Audio playback is continued via the speaker on WD (c) Up to now, pause/play button doesn’t affect the playback anymore. Don’t know if this was intended…
  12. [citation] Is this for "a certain" radio station or for all of them? Would you please give me its name and country so I can test? Thanks! Thanks for the reply! Must admit I‘ve used the one an only station only: „BR Klassik“ (Germany). Will check with other stations a.s.a.p. …
  13. Unfortunately, radio reception (of a certain internet broadcast station) cannot be stopped by pressing the pause button. Had to execute a ‘soft’ restart to stop audio playback…
  14. Any Shelly input is activated by a very small current (approximately 37μA) flowing from terminal SWx or IN-x to terminal L (or GND). This current is driven by 3V DC. Moreover, the input will by activated by neutral potential at the above mentioned terminals. Due to the fact the flowing current in this case is some milliamperes, there will be a certain amount of additional heat dissipation in the Shelly. Hence, this kind of activation is not recommended with manual switches.
  15. Addendum: Shelly 1PM and plus 1PM (Gen2) don’t offer this nice feature due to technical restrictions. Shelly 1PM Gen3 and Shelly mini 1PM are able to detect zero crossing. „Pro“ series Shellies and Shelly plus 2PM also…
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