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Sensitivity of 3EM Pro current transformers

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I have a Shelly 3EM Pro working great (love the product ! ) but there's one small snag I've encountered.

When my 3 phase device is ON, the 3EM is showing ~22kw of power - working 100% correctly .

When my 3 phase device is OFF, the 3EM is showing 1.6 w of power  - which is incorrect / spurious.

Is there a way to set a low threshold to the current transformers so that the tiny tiny 1.6w is actually displayed as zero on the dashboard ?


Many thanks



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Posted (edited)

Just to clarify - the transformers are placed inside a metal distribution panel on the 3 phase incoming cables.
When every single outlet is switched OFF and the supply current is a genuine ZERO, Im still seeing 1 or 2 watts of power on the 3EM.

At a guess - this is the operational power that the 3EM is using to run.

Is there anyway to set a low threshold on the measurements where this micro power demand would be reported as zero ?

Thank you

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