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  1. If you have Balcony PV as Zendure then you can add it.
  2. Can you give is a log, you can download it from webUI.
  3. About the weather: Can you give is a log, you can download it from webUI.
  4. Can you give is a log, you can download it from webUI.
  5. New firmware which solving repored bugs with Radio can be downloaded from there: https://repo.shelly.cloud/firmware/SAWD-0A1XX10EU1/beta/SAWD-0A1XX10EU1-2.0.0-beta2.zip
  6. Maybe take a bit more time to check the weather. is it still missing data or not ?
  7. We will order Sonos speaker tomorrow to integrate them.
  8. Dear all, We are happy to release completely re-designed Shelly Wall Display UI. On top of that we added more features as: Weather and Music player for MP3 files + Radio streaming. For maximum music experience we recommend you to pair you Wall Display with an external Bluetooth speaker. THIS IS A BETA VERSION !!! You may lose stored data and may need to make a factory reset. Please report all discovered bug in comments of this thread. How to update: Use device UI and update it to Beta version. Attention: After the update the device screen may stay black for a while - DO NOT REBOOT, then you will see the new UI. Enjoy Managing display UI: There are 2 different tile sizes - Single (50% of screen height) and Double (100% of screen height). You can change card size later for all tiles except for Music and Weather. You can add to your home screen: Device tiles, Scene tiles, Group tiles, Virtual button tiles, Weather tile and Music player tile. To do that you need to swipe from top of the screen and choose "+" button. Then follow the on-screen instructions. To re-arrange card position, change the card or delete it, choose "Pen" icon, then the icon related to the action you want to perform. How to set weather: Scroll down from the top of the screen, choose a "+" and then choose Weather. Now you have the Weather tile on your home screen. This tile can not be resized. You can only have one tile of this type on your home screen. Press "..." on the right-bottom of the tile to see detailed forecast information. You can also force update the forecast if the automatic update failed for some reason. How to set and use music player: On you home screen swipe down from the top, choose "+" and then choose Music. Now you have the Music player tile on your home screen. This tile can not be resized. You can only have one tile of this type on your home screen. Press "..." on the right-bottom of the card to browse more than 55000 radio stations separated by country. You can also search for particular radio stations. If you want to search for a radio station in a specific country, add its name to the end of your query (e.g. "Magic Bulgaria" or "Magic bg"). Currently no other streaming services are supported but we will add them in the future. There is option to upload your favourite MP3 files directly. To do that you need to open Web UI by IP address. Go to Media and Drag and Drop files. At the moment you need to do that one by one. Upload multiple files at same time will be supported in the future. Please keep in mind that the more MP3 files you upload, the longer the Media Library will load. If you upload too many files, this may affect the application startup. Pair external Bluetooth speaker: Put your speaker into pairing mode. Choose Setting icon on the bottom of the screen. Click on Audio, then choose "Pair with Bluetooth speaker". Choose your speaker from the list. Set any Shelly external temperature sensor in your account: Swipe down from the top of the screen and choose the "Pen" icon. On the left-top side you will see an option to "Choose a sensor". Click on it, choose a room and then choose a device which report temperature. Note: this sensor's reading will only be displayed on the first two header tiles (Temperature and Humidity). To make the Wall Display use the data from a different sensor, you must pair a Shelly BLU H&T. Pair the device with Shelly BLU H&T: Click on "Settings" Icon on the bottom of the screen. Choose "General". Choose "Pair with external sensor". Follow the prompt holding BLU H&T button close to the screen (20-30 cm). Paired sensor will be used as main sensor for Shelly Wall display. Virtual buttons: Virtual buttons allow you to send from Shelly Wall display a HTTP requests to 3rd party systems (e.g. HA). Open Web UI by IP Click on "Components" Click on "New component" and set a Name. The new virtual component will appear in the list. On the right side you will find the Actions icon. There you can set HTTP command which want to be send when button is pushed 1, 2 or 3 times, or long pushed. Now, on the home screen of your Wall Display swipe down from top of the screen. Click "+" and then choose "Virtual components" Select the created button. Choose size of the card as you want and add it to the screen. You now have a virtual button on your home screen. Try tapping it once, twice, thrice and holding it. Zendure integration: If you have Balcony PV with Zendure you can add Zendure as a device on the page. You can discover more by yourself. Enjoy! After evaluation from you, this beta will go live for everyone.
  9. @Kristian Todorov can you help there ?
  10. In 2-3 weeks Zendure will be supported in Shelly APP same as other Shelly devices. Then you can have scene which do exactly as you want.
  11. Example how to read data from 3 Pro EM meters measuring the consumption on the 3 different zones and script which is run on Pro3EM with ADD-ON to EV Charger which disconnects (EV charging) for 30 min if the total power (represented by the consuming value on the right of the picture) is above a certain value. A JScript which can do that: // Configuration var deviceIPs = ['', '', '']; // Add your device IPs here const switchOff = 2000 ; // Total power in W above this device will switch off output // Function to read data from a single Shelly Pro3EM function readEMData(ip, callback) { Shelly.call( "http.get", { url: "http://" + ip + "/rpc/EM.GetStatus?id=0" }, function (response, error_code, error_message) { if (response && response.message && response.code === 200) { var data = JSON.parse(response.body); var total_power = Math.round(data.total_aprt_power); callback(null, total_power); // Pass the total power to the callback } else { callback("Error: " + response.message, null); } } ); } // Function to calculate the total power from multiple devices function calculateTotalPower(ips) { var totalPower = 0; var count = 0; ips.forEach(function(ip) { readEMData(ip, function(err, power) { if (err) { print(err); // Handle the error, for example by logging it } else { totalPower += power; } count++; // Check if all requests are processed if (count === ips.length) { print("Total power: " + totalPower + " W"); if (totalPower > switchOff) { Shelly.call("Switch.set", {'id': 100, 'on': false}); print("Switch OFF!"); } } }); }); } // Execution: Timer.set(5000 /* ms */, true /* repeating */, function () { calculateTotalPower(deviceIPs); } ); Then you need to set Auto-ON in the Add-on relay: As a last step do not forget to set a script to start when device boot. With firmware 1.4, All pro devices will support virtual components. This will allow to monitor total consumption from the Shelly App and control the max power. I will update this script when this new feature are available.
  12. Update your device to fw 1.30 and then try again.
  13. With firmware 1.3+ we open a new world of possible integration. Now with Gen3 devices (Mini and soon Plus/Pro) you can control any 3th party device if they have API using Virtual components and JScripts. You can have local and cloud scenes based on Virtual devices values and changes. As example I can control and automate my EV charger with Virtual devices and JScript executed on Shelly Mini PM. Charging power are balanced based of Pro 3EM data for the house consumption. Soon we will add also allow historical data to be stored in the cloud.
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