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Shelly Pro 2 and DC voltage

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Unfortunately, the specification says something about switching alternating current only. If you have a look into the device and the built-in relay type, you‘ll find a HONGFA HF32FV-16. Its data sheet also only mentions contact details for AC load. So you have to read and use your common sense:

Switching DC voltage loads, especially inductive ones, such as motors and magnetic coils, significantly shortens the service life of relay contacts. The reason is that when direct current is switched off, there is no zero passage that extinguishes a possibly created arc. DC loads above 1A at 30V are generally considered critical by relay manufacturers. You can completely prevent switch-off light arcs by suitable switching measures (freewheel diodes) or dampen them with spark extinguishing elements.

Which load should be switched? What is the current consumption?

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