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Trigerring a scene with button1


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HI, my first post with Shelly!

Notice the only option for a "shelly button1"  press is to link a URL but,  was hoping that I could trigger a scene or group of lights to go on/off or whatever based on the event of the button being pressed.

Is this possible?




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Triggering scenes or controlling groups is possible with Button1. Simply create a scene with the desired click sequence and you will find the group or scene control selection options under 'DO'

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Thanks Olsche,

Looking at the Button web page, only has the option to enter a URL, hence not sure how I associate a scene with a URL.

Not sure what youre referring to as 'DO', but all I can see once a scene is created is an ID.

Thanks again,


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Hi Olsche,


All devices are connected to the cloud and are online to the cloud. Viewign the configuration of the button and the actions.

The only option I have available is to enter a URL. no other actions from here can be selected.



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