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Shelly not working


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Hi All

Newbie to the forum!

So I've embarked on the Shelly journey whilst updating the house and purchased several relays including 1 Plus MINI for 2 gang switches, Dimmer 2 for the dimmer switches etc. 


I've passed them on to the electrician to fit. However, when I try and scan to find the devices, none of them are being picked up. I have a feeling the wiring isn't right buy wanted to post some pictures of how they've been wired and see if there's anything wrong (only thing I can see if the neutral.not being wired with bypass)

I'd appreciate any feedback so I can pass on to the electrician. 






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In fact, the neutral wire is not connected. Please test and measure with a 2-pin voltage tester whether the blue cables are the neutral wire

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Hello @renovator

welcome. This would not work or be found as the device has not been installed correctly. Looking at the pictures you provided the Devices do not have a Neutral connected to the device so the device is not powered. 

The L and N are inputs to turn the Shelly device. L being the Phase "Brown cable" and N being the neutral "Blue Cable" ( have this tested beforehand to make 100% sure ) 
I added the detailed video to this post so you can see how the Shelly can/should be wired 

Same for the Dimmer this does not have the N input 
The link to the device information the electrition can look at https://kb.shelly.cloud/knowledge-base/shelly-dimmer-2

When the device has power you should see a light and or the SSID pop up. 

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