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Reed Switch doesn't show status in app

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I'm using the Shelly 1 Plus to open and close my garage door.  I wired the Shelly into a hand held remote (Security + door) - this works correctly

I'm powering the Shelly via a 12V adapter.

Per a video I purchased these Reed switches:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VMYG7GF?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

BNYZWOT MC-38 Surface Mount Wired NC Door Sensor Alarm Magnetic Reed Switch White 10 Pair

The reed switch is wired into the SW and L (it doesn't seem that it matters which wire goes to which ? one is shorter than the other.  Any reason to think they don't work at 12V?)

In the app I have the following settings

Input State Display is Enabled

Input/Output Settings  Button, Detached and Configure Shelly device to Turn ON

Enable Input is Enabled


What am I missing?  Up or down the power button shows a red bar under the power.







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Posted (edited)

Ding, ding!!!!

Thank you.  It's working perfectly.

Next - is there a way to create a Siri shortcut for the device?  I'd like to say 'Hey Siri, Garage".

I can't find any guides which cover it and I haven't started using HomeAssistant (which will require me to have a HomePod/AppleTV which I don't have or want).

Most importantly, I'm trying to do this OUTSIDE my home network (eg from the street approaching the house).


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