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is there a way (I'm new to this) we could access the WEB (browser version) interface without internet (cloud) in a way as the mobile app (eg. localy)?

for example: I have a smart plug with setting cloud off and I want to add schedule ->

  1. with mobile app I can access it locally as the wifi settings are set up and I am also on that wifi
  2. with web version https://control.shelly.cloud my plug always shows Device is offline even if I am also on that wifi

so, the question is if it is possible to by-pass cloud via browser interface same as it is possible with mobile app ??

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Simply type the IP address of the Shelly device assigned by the router into the address bar of your browser if you are in the home network.

Then the embedded web interface should open and you can make all the settings you want...



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@Olsche respectfully, that is not what I asked. I know the IP interface... it is very nice design wise, and it has settings that web / app interface purposely lack. However, there are things which can't be set up with IP interface like Scenes, Groups, Thermostats, Wallpapers, Icons, Rooms. etc.

All of it can be set up via APP or WEB interface, but they are not the same thing!

Local Wi-Fi Network Control does NOT work in WEB interface when enabled:


Therefore, whatever device has disabled CLOUD it can't be managed with WEB interface unless CLOUD is enabled for that device.

But in mobile APP interface, such a device can be managed even with CLOUD off just fine.

The same device when viewed in WEB shows Device is offline, but in APP is online and manageable locally.


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