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BLU Door/Window usecase

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The Shelly BLU Door/Window sensor offers various installation options. The most common method is mounting it on the top of your window or door to indicate whether it's open or closed.

This device has three statuses: Open, Closed, and Tilted. When showing the tilted state, placing the main component on the window and attaching the magnet to the window frame is recommended. Look for the arrow on the Shelly device; this indicates the side closest to which the magnet should be placed to change the device's state.

There's a maximum distance between the magnet and the sensor for proper functioning, typically around 20mm to register as Closed. Once the magnet moves around 25mm from the Shelly device, it switches to the Open state.

Here's an example of a typical installation method, along with the recommended distance between the magnet and the Shelly BLU device.

Install option 1 

Option 2

Maximum distance for the change state 

Distance displayed to show the Open state 

Distance to show the closed state 


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Posted (edited)

I have installed the device on the top inner side of my window:


So it is not visible:

  • in closed state it is inside the window and
  • in open it is on  the top outside the visible area.

The magnet is also inside of the window on the frame:


With this mounting also a tilted window can be detected.

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