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Which device to switch a bathroom ventilation on and off

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first, please excuse my bad English (it's not my first language). My house is equipped with a couple of tasmota sockets and velux covers, controlled with Home Assistant, but I'm not a specialist in home automation nor in electrical installation (my grandpa, who' more knowledgeable in the latter topic, can help me to make the installation though)..

Now, I would like to be able to control the 240V AC ventilation in my bathroom, to switch it on and off depending on the hour and day of the week, and I'd like to control this with a Shelly device through Home Assistant (currently, there is a manual timer on the electrical board but it's a PITA to set it up so a wifi-based control would be nice). The ventilation is also controlled by two switches: one for power supply and the other to choose between two speeds.

First I wonder which Shelly product to use only to control on/off state of the ventilation (I don't need to control the speed) and would welcome some advice here. I saw the Shelly 1 Mini Gen3 but I wonder if it's overkill? Should I rather go for a Shelly Pro 1 in replacement of the current timer in the electrical board (but it's more expensive)? Or something else?

Second, I read that, for devices such as ventilations, a RC Snubber should also be used. Can you confirm?

Are these the only things I'd need to buy? Thanks!


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If you want to replace the current timer in the electrical board, the Shelly Pro1 is certainly the better choice.

There are also options to mount a Shelly Plus 1 or Shelly 1 Mini Gen3 on a top-hat rail with printed adapters.

What power consumption does the fan have?

Have you also thought about controlling the fan depending on the humidity?

Then an H&T Gen3 or BLU H&T as a sensor would certainly also be worth considering.


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