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Shelly 2PM Mini Gen3


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Any plans to create such a device?

The Mini series is excellent, but it lacks some devices.

In the past, I installed a lot of Shelly 2.5 devices (more than 200) and sometimes I had to change the electrical box inside the wall just to mount the device.
Having a Mini variant for roller shutters would be so awesome. 1PM Mini can handle 8A, I think that for roller shutters It can be much lower per channel.

I'm not sure if there is a dedicated section for device ideas, but I think this one will be super useful.

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Did you ever have a look in a Shelly 2.5 or plus 2PM? Are you aware of the packing closeness? And did you notice that a terminal block with at least 6 terminals is needed? The physical dimension of a Shelly mini does not allow more than 5 terminals…

 I follow your dreams, but am sceptical that they may be realised some day…

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@thgoebel yes, as mentioned, I've installed a lot of them.

I'm aware that we need 6 terminals, but making the mini variant a bit wider won't be a problem I guess.

I'm ok with Plus 2PM, but a smaller factor device would be much better.

Same situation with 1PM, I prefer using Mini variant because it always fits 🙂

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Beneath the terminal block, the two relays are the size determining factor. Every known Shelly Mini has one relay only (or none). An appropriate relay with smaller size would be brilliant. Not sure if such a kind exists - which should be UL certified at the other hand…

And a tiny SSR would cause faults due to overload conditions as with the MOSFETs in Shelly Dimmer2…

At the end of day, a simple perception is remaining: It’s not easy  - and there will be no free lunch!

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