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Best to use "scenes" or script to control the following function - threshold energy consumption - text message

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I'm new a this, and very grateful if someone would advice me. I have a Shelly Plus Plug S. With which I plan to monitor the energy consumption of a Cpap machine (A cpap is a machine that you sleep with at night and assist your breathing, so that you dont snore, and stops breathing). My problem is that i turn off my machine in my sleep (!), which results in very poor sleep. The "alarm" function I need is not built in to the machine, so I intend to use the Shelly plug to monitor the energy consumption of the machine; If the energy consumption drops under 5 W, means that it is in standby mode, and that I have shut it off. I would like this threshold to trigger an alarm in the form of a text message, which would wake me up - I would then realize that I need to turn the machine on again. What do you think, is it feasible with Shelly? / Carl

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When you wake up you need to be able to switch it off right away. It would be too impractical to have an obstacle like that. A reminder in the form of a text message or some other form av alarm would be the best thing.


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