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Shelly 2.5 sparkling neutral


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Dear all,

I have a Shelly 2.5 device, that when functioning is making a sparkling / cracking sound on neutral a couple of times a second, creating a visible flash. Weirdly, the device is functioning properly. I attached a video of the issue. Obviously, I disconnected the device for now. Here is a bit of background information and things I've tried:

  • The device was working without any sparks in my previous home
  • The device is functioning properly. 
  • I opened the cased and there is no visible damage
  • I live in The Netherlands (230V AC) in a newly built house (2023) with solar panels
  • The problem persists even without any connections to the O and SW ports. Earlier, I connected 2 60W TL lights in parallel
  • The problem persists after replacing the L and N wires
  • A Shelly 1L in the same location is working perfectly (without a N connection)
  • There are no other electrical issues in the house. 
  • The fuses are still up

What on earth could this be? Online I read that a sparkling neutral can be caused by a short circuit from live to ground, but Shelly has no ground connection. I really hope someone can be of any help!

All the best,


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Most likely, the solder junction between the circuit board and the screw-type terminal is broken. This happens if too much torque was applied to make the connection. This issue may be repaired: Desoldering and reworking the pin of the terminal will be sufficient. And be aware not to apply excessive torque…

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Dear thgoebel,


Many thanks for your reaction and apologies for the late response - it took me a while to gather the right materials. 

I did as you suggested, but it turns out I'm quite bad at soldering and after reconnecting to power, my house's fuse blew and I think I'm giving up on this device. 


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