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Any ideas for mounting a Plus Uni in an enclosure?

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Does anyone have ideas or solutions for mounting the Plus Uni's PCB in an enclosure. There are no mounting holes and very little free space on the edge of the board for clips.

I 3D-printed clips that slide over the wires on each end so the board can hang by the wires. However, I'd like to have a light pipe to make the LED visible from outside the enclosure and good alignment is important.


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Buy dht22 enclosures and put Shelly plus uni inside. It fits perfectly, and you can reach the reset button from outside without opening enclosure, just use a paper clip or other object to reach it through the vents from enclosure. Also, you have the convenience of a hole in the enclosure to mount it anyplace. If you want you can also make a back hole in the enclosure to feed the output wires on the other side of enclosure. 
Four months ago when I got my first Shelly plus uni it was very disappointing seeing it without the tiny hole the old Shelly uni has. I asked Allterco to add that tiny hole in new productions. I have no found any space where to make a mounting hole in that tiny device, so they have to figure it out how to do it next time.



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