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How to fix factory test mode (TRV)


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1. Symptoms

Some devices show 01 when is powered, mean they are in factory test mode.

2.  Instructions how to leave the device from this factory test mode.

To leave the device this test mode, the client needs to pass the following test.

1. Mount device to radiator

2. Make a hotspot with your mobile phone called "She", password does no matter.

3. If the device shows 03 mean - not mounted to Radiator, do it!

4. When you see B1 - push UP button

5. When you see B2 - push Down button

6. When you see B3 - push reset button right to the USB port

7. When you see CH - connect charger and disconnect it

8. When you see all segments on - push any button

9. When you see 99 - meaning Self test complete - push any button.

10. The Device will be switched OFF. Push the reset button to switch ON.

- After performing the steps described, problem should be not observed anymore.

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