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Use i3 with wall display


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Is there a way to connect a shelly i3 to the relay output of the shelly wall display.  I do not need the internal relay , but would  want to control another device with the wall display's switch corresponding to this internal relay. 

Ie somehow connect the O terminal of the wall display to an entry of the i3.



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This is possible provided the i3 is connected to the same phase as the wall display, but I'm wondering what exactly you're planning on doing: You could also use the touch on the wall display via Actions to control the other devices at the same time. The detour via an i3 is not necessary here

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You mean defining an action based on switch on/off or bases on input on/off ? 

I guess one is the physical switch (SW on the terminal block), and the other is ?? The state on the output relay (O on the terminal block).

But I am not sure which is which.  (The documentation is very terse).

While I am as it, is "multi touch" the fact of just touching with 2 fingers?

Thanks. I see the i3 is not needed there.


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