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Control settings of BLU via API

Rui Alves

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Is it possible to control the settings of BLU devices such as BLU Motion (V1) or Door Window using the Shelly API? I want to control the motion sensor LED 

I didn't find any way to communicate with those devices via API using (any) Gateway 


In the website it says:


Bluetooth devices can only be configured via the Shelly Smart Control mobile phone application. You will not be able to make changes via the Shelly Smart Control website for this Shelly Device.


What about via API?

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@Olsche got it. Would it be possible programmatically, with something like https://github.com/abandonware/noble? Or is there any reason for this not to work? 

I'm trying to do everything programmatically, since I want to deploy a bunch of shellies in a remote location and the topology of the network needs to be recreated automatically after power failures etc

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@Olsche could you clarify this?


Tried to post on facebook but was promptly deleted 

I've posted on the forum a few days ago but didn't get a concrete answer (https://community.shelly.cloud/.../693-control.../...)
Can we set the settings for a shelly BLE device (like 1st Gen Window/Door Sensor) programmatically?
I wanted to use something like this (https://github.com/hbldh/bleak) to turn off the motion sensor LED, change sensitivity settings etc.
Is this possible or do the devices only work with Shelly BLU Gateway, and so, I need the app (Shelly Smart Control) to change those settings?
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