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Wiring of 2-way switch with Shelly Plus 1/2PM


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In my home, most lights are wired up using 2-way light switches. I struggle to find a solution to integrate the Shelly switch and still have all the physical switches work normally.

Here is a sketch of the original wiring in the house:


The best solution for integrating the Shelly, that I could come up with is this one:


This wiring allows me to use switch 1 or the Shelly remotely to turn on and off the light. When I use switch 2, I can override the Shelly/switch 1 and turn everything off.

A variant of this solution is to wire both brown cables in switch 1 to the output port of the Shelly. Then switch 2 is kind of deactivated.

However, my original goal was to retain the original functionality of the 2-way switch and add the Shelly on top of this. Does anyone see a clever way of realizing this, without pulling additional cables in the walls?

Thanks in advance! 

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