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Would it be possible in future firmware upgrades to make scenes based in value given by formula set in peripheral settings? Nowadays if you add voltmeter as peripheral the only options for scenes are given in volts measured by UNI. 
Also, it would be valuable to have more than 1 field to store more variables, and/or formulas, at least 3 fields would be awesome. For example, if you get velocity pressure with a pitot tube, and an analog differential pressure sensor, then with that number you can also get air flow velocity, and also air volume across any duct, air handler, etc, data which is invaluable to diagnose air conditioner performance, such as filter replacement due time, dirty or frozen evaporator, etc.
I know that it would involve a lot of work, and hours working so hard, but at the end my lovely Shelly uni will fulfill more expectations from all Allterco customers.

Finally, we need scenes for pulse counter. I just finished my first water meter, and everything goes well, except that the only options to trigger an event are now based on URL actions.

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