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Shelly Android App restarts continuously


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Dear Shelly Team,

I'm using your products and app for a long time almost flawlessly.
Unfortunately the "new" Shelly app restarts continuously on my Android device - and though can't be used...

Please find attached video showing the problem:
After starting the app obviously the connection to the cloud and devices is established successfully - but after a few seconds the app crashes/restarts again and again 😞

It works without any problems on my iPhone and with cloud (https://my.shelly.cloud) - but not on my Android phone.

I've tried the obvious to fix it - but without success:

  • killed the app
  • restart the phone
  • deleted app cache
  • uninstalled app, reboot phone, new installation
  • switch phone to flight-mode, start app (no problem, app runs stable - but of course without access to devices, then turned wifi on - app immediately starts to crash/restart

Technical details:

  • Samsung Galaxy A50, SM-A505FN
  • latest Android Version (v. 11, 01.11.2023)
  • latest Shelly App Version (1.16.1/c98859f, 13.12.2023)
  • using same account data on iPhone as on Android (having Premium-Abo purchased on iPhone) -- could this be a problem?

Is this a known problem? Any help / support highly welcome...
I'm happy to support with further details or if there is something I should test...

Thanks for your support,

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10 minutes ago, Michael Hoffmann said:

Take a look and see if any of your room background images have disappeared.  If yes, edit the room and upload a new image.  This was an error for me that caused the app to constantly restart after an app update.

Thanks for your hint - "unfortunately" all background (and other) images are still visible - at least looking from iPhone and cloud (Android restarts to fast to really check).

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@juergen_0815 In fact, the problem is already under investigation by the developers. In the Meantime Please check all images again for anything unusual (for rooms, groups, scenes, device images and also the images if you access the app with multiple accounts). If you think all the pictures are ok, please contact me via PM

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Posted (edited)

Hi Olsche,
Thanks for your reply!  I've checked all images within iphone and web interface - but could not detect any unusual. All images seemed to be present, fully visible and nothing suspicious. 

But in the meantime you've updated the shelly app for android (04.01.2024)  --  and with this update the android app runs again stable without any reboots!!
(I've checked the images within now stable android-app - and could as well not encounter any missing or corrupt image...)

So once again: Thanks for your reply and thanks for fixing it 🤗!

I'm a happy shelly customer again 🙂🥰

cheers, Juergen.

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