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Dimmer 2 won't turn off


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Hi Shelly community!

I've posted this on Facebook Support page but no avail.

Currently, I have 6 Shelly Dimmer 2 installed in my space. They all work fine except one of them. Problem is- I can't turn of the light. When I try to, it just instantly switches back on. It doesn't matter if I try to switch them off through the app, web interface or by a switch (wich is connected between L and SW1 as you can see on the photos and set up as a Edge Switch). I thought that it might have to do something with either lightning fixture that I have or with the switch. But I disconnected the switch and tried the Shelly on different fixture where I have other one that is working properly - same thing happens. I can see in the app that something is turning the light back on immediately after I turn it off, but the app doesn't show what triggered the output state...

Any ideas?

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