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Shelly Blu Gateway "0 device connected"


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"Hello Shelly community, I have the 'USB Shelly Blu Gateway' device, and I have the idea of using it to connect and manage all Bluetooth-enabled devices through it to ease the congestion on the Wi-Fi network. However, no matter how hard I've looked, I can't find any guides, tutorials, or examples on how to do this. Given the device's name, it should be straightforward to connect other devices to it, but I always get '0 devices connected.' The closest I've come to my goal is reading a message from the Shelly Blu door/window device via a script and performing an action based on this message. As far as I understand, this can be done with any Generation 2 device that supports scripting. This raises the question of whether the gateway is useful or not. Has anyone managed to connect devices to the gateway and communicate with them, not just to work as a Bluetooth repeater to improve the signal?"

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Hello Sergio,

I have exactly the same question. I have a Shelly Gateway and a Shelly BLU Door/Window.

My Shelly Gateway is configured and now I have absolutely no idea how to connect the Shelly BLU Door/Window.

The web interface of the Gateway doesn't seem to have a page to connect a bluetooth device. And on the other hand when I push 10 seconds of the BLU Door/Window, nothing really happens. I thought I would at least "see" the device with my iPhone ou my PC but the device is invisible.

Did you make any progress since October ?

Thank you


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I had this a week ago.
At first install the Shelly BLE Debug app on your phone.
With that you can connect to the BLU device and update the firmware.

Apart from that you need to open the Shelly BLU Door/Window as there is a button inside.
When scanning via Bluetooth you need to press the button on the device to show in the Shelly Smart Control App

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Thank you for your input. The problem was rather simple, even if the Door/Window is completely new: the battery was dead! (I bought it in july 2023).

Now I was able to connect and update the firmware of the door/window through the IOS Shelly app. And get data from it also.

However I still have the same problem as Sergio: I have a BLU gateway running and connected to my wifi, and a BLU door/window. How do I get data from the door/window through the gateway ? The API (https://shelly-api-docs.shelly.cloud/gen2/Devices/ShellyBluGw) doesn't help, the web interface of the gateway allows to enable/disable the bluetooth but nothing to add a bluetooth device.

Any idea and/or link that explains how to achieve that ?

Thank you very much

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I've installed a script on the Shelly Gateway and it's running.

This is the dw BLU script: https://github.com/ALLTERCO/shelly-script-examples/blob/main/ble-shelly-dw.js

In that script, I see a call to "Switch.Set": 

Shelly.call("Switch.Set", { id: 0, on: true });

How do I retrieve that value ?

I've tried on the gateway but I get a 404 error

Thank you

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