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Shelly Plus 1PM



Shelly Plus 1PM is a small form factor smart relay with power measurement, which allows remote control of electric appliances through a mobile phone, tablet, PC, or home automation system. It can work stand-alone in a local Wi-Fi network or be operated through cloud home automation services.

Shelly Plus 1PM can be accessed, controlled, and monitored remotely from anywhere the User has internet connectivity, as long as the device is connected to a Wi-Fi router and the Internet.

It can be retrofitted into standard electrical wall boxes, behind power sockets, light switches, or other places with limited space.

Shelly Plus 1PM has an embedded Web Interface that can be used to monitor and control the device and adjust its settings.

  • Power metering
  • Extremely fast processor ESP32, Improved API interface
  • Enhanced safety
  • Enhanced security - MQTT and WSS support, TLS and custom certificates support
  • Designed to fit in most standard electrical boxes and switches
  • Easy control through the Shelly app, various protocols, and platforms, as well as voice assistants

Main Application 

  • Residential 
  • MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units - Apartments, condominiums, Hotels, etc. )
  • Light commercial ( small office building, small retail/restaurant/gas station, etc. ) 
  • Government/Municipal 
  • University/college. 

For more information see below 
Home Page     Specifications    Buy Shelly Plus 1PM   

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