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Shelly Debug BLU APP for local button control.


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What you can do with Shelly Debug APP. 



1. Pair/Unpair device 

2. Read device information, all details including encryption key if there is. 

2. Make OTA - Custom and Stock option is available. For custom we need to provide you a custom firmware, stock happens on-line. 

3. Encrypt/Decrypt - this make all Advertising messages Encrypted. Also this sync internal clock of your device. Every message after that must be decrypted to be parsed. Also time must be checked. This make BLE devices highly secure and messages cannot be reproducible. Soon when we will enable full encryption to our cloud. We postpone it because Shelly Plus/Pro device still cannot decrypt messages, and device cannot be use in Java scripts. We expecting this to be available in FW 1.0.1 of Shelly Gen2 devices. 

4. Beacon mode. Activate Button to broadcast battery every 8 seconds. This can be used for presence in scripts. For DW sensor device will send whole status every 30 seconds. 

5. Locate - works only for Button with Beacon mode enabled. Enable Button Buzzer for 30 sec. You can stop it from app or pushing device button. 

5. Buzzer - works only for Button to enable and disable it when you push a Button. Locate is not affected. 

6. Reset - make factory reset and reboot button. 

Emergency OTA update: 
1. Remove batter. 
2. Push button and insert battery without release a button. 
3. Device will be available for OTA without any security for 30 seconds. 
4. Push OTA in the APP and update it. 

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Is there a shelly script (similar to ble-shelly-blu.js), that can do the decryption of messages sent from encrypted BLU devices and use the resulting data?
If so, would you please share it?

Thank you,


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