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First time here...

I have purchased a couple of Buttons, which will arrive in the next few days.  One thing is not entirely clear to me:  can the URL I assign to the button actions contain a port number, like this:

I want to use these buttons to fire events in a separate home automation system I use that is not part of the Shelly ecosystem.  Its server runs on an Android tablet, and triggering events via its REST API requires sending an HTTP call to a port number other than 80.  I do not see a parameter in the Button settings for a port number, so I am hoping it can be incorporated into the URL as shown.  I also do not see any way to specify what type of HTTP request the button sends, and the documentation does not indicate - is it always a PUT, a POST, what?

I know I will find out soon enough when I have the buttons, but it would be nice to have it confirmed.

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I'm pleased to report that URLs with port numbers as described in my first post above are absolutely acceptable for the WiFi buttons.  They arrived today, so I fired them up and got them connecting to my WiFi, set the URLs for short button presses, and bingo, it all just worked!  Very happy with them.  Now I'll have to start thinking how I could use the other actions - double and triple button press, and long press.  But probably not necessary really. 🙂

For anyone interested - these buttons replace some other much more basic ones I was using - they just emitted a bitcode on the 433MHz frequency used by lots of remote controls, so I had to have a little receiver plugged into a power point somewhere in range to listen on 433MHz, receive and decode the signals and take the appropriate action depending on which button's code was seen, i.e. make a call to a URL on the network.  The actions just toggle some lights on or off.  The Shelly buttons talk to the network directly, so no receiver required, and it's all much simpler and much more elegant, in my view.  And I like that they have rechargeable batteries too - thank you Shelly!


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