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Is it possible to block the on/off function by configuration of the PlugS for security reasons?

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Hi Forum members.

I started with some Shelly devices some weeks ago. The Shelly Plus PlugS Device is very good for measuring the power demands of devices. But for some devices (like refridgerators) it would be very critical if the on/off function of the PlugS would be set to off by accident (e.g. because error in program). After a few days you would need to throw away the refridgerator including its content (;-). You really dont want to know how it smells. So it would be very helpfull (and secure) if there is a possibility in the configuration to block the on/off function and set the PlugS to "always on". The configuration "detach switch" to avoid manual on/off is already a part of this "security-functionality" . The function  "block switch" could be added in the "Input/Output settings" page of the PlugS. Is there already a possibility to do this blocking which I did not find in the 1.3.2 firmware?

Best regards, Elmar

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The easiest way is to set an auto on timer when it is turned off. For example, you can have the plug S automatically turn on again 10 seconds after it has been turned off. You can also have a notification sent to your cell phone or by email when it is turned off.

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