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BLU button, pairing needed?

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I'm confused. 

Is it necessary to actually pair a BLU button with some gateway? 

The first couple I have I simply pushed the button, and home assistant heard the message.  I have Plus gateways all around the house.  This worked. 

But in the application when i tried doing an update, it wanted me to specify a paired plus device.  I picked one at random thinking it was just to do the firmware update, now I'm not so sure. 

I really don't want to use the shelly app as I have no need for it in most cases.  The only thing I found so far is a need for updating firmware from it for the BLE devices, the wifi devices I can update from Home Assistant or the web interface.

But... when I use it for firmware updates, and specify a paired gateway, am I locking them together in some way?   Or do events just broadcast as they did at first by default? 

I only buy hardware I can use with local only control from Home Assistant.  I don't mind briefly using the app for firmware updates, but if I have to manage these things from the app on an ongoing basis, that's bad.  Especially since I found it giving different settings on the 2PM (e.g. the relay names are different, and I was very concerned the wrong one from the app would be pushed down and break entity naming in home assistant). 

What actually happens with this pairing? 


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Update: This question was based on a bad assumption.

When I ran the (Android) Shelly app and added the BLU device, it flashed a warning that there was no gateway device to pair with.  Except I have many such, just not in the app as I haven't found any purpose in the app (and some issues with it). 

So I conflated these, and tried adding a gateway, then paired (with the phone though I was thinking it was pairing with the gateway). 

The pairing with the phone is apparently used for the firmware update, maybe other things.  There is no pairing with the gateway. 

So... never mind.


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I have not tired the option not to have the shelly App but yes the Blu range needs a Shelly plus, Gen3 or Pro device to pair with it for the Gateway option this is just so the Blu device can have a network connection. With the updating of the firmware this needs to be paired with the phone to then send the firmware update to the device 

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OK, but your answer shows the kind of terminology confusion I had.  I don't think there is any "pairing" with the gateway.  These BLE devices just send a (not sure this is technically the right term) broadcast message that says "I have an event" and any (and all) gateways forward it.

A BLU device is not paired with a gateway (emphasis on singular).  If there are two nearby, and you remove either, it still works.  

This is where I was being thrown, I thought that app was trying to actually pair it with a (again, singular) gateway, which is a huge loss in redundancy.  I do not think that is true. 


To date I've found nothing I need the app for on wifi devices, and only need it for firmware updates on the BLE devices.  I applaud shelly for allowing local control and Home Assistant integration -- I wish they would also allow firmware reporting and updating via the wifi gateways from home assistant and not require their cloud based app (which has a huge long list of permissions). 

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