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Shelly Plus 1 as basic switch...

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Hello everyone! Sorry for my ignorance on the matter but I've bought a shelly plus one because it was the cheapest option due to an offer and I decided to buy as first test with the Shelly brand. This beeing said my purpose is just to use it as a basic smart switch to power on/off a device through the app: I've succedeed in activating the switch which is now under my control, however the wiring is for sure wrong, and what I've seen online is rather confusing... can you tell me what I made wrong? (because the output doesn't work no matter the state of the switch.)


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Thank you very much!! So I assume one circuit is to keep the Shelly switch powered itself, and the other is to power the device and be controlled (opened/closed) by the Shelly switch?

(Btw which kind of product should I buy in order to bifurcate the wire? I saw sometimes but I don't know the name of such components...)

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Thank you very much because you've been very helpful! If I may ask the last question I'd like to know if I can use a sensor like this, with the shelly plus add-on, I was thinking not because each entry of the add-on has 3 pins while this sensor has 4 and it's written that one wire is "SCL" which I don't find on the Shelly, but I thought maybe being a humidity and temperature sensor it simply has 2 data output so I can use it with 2 data entries from the same Shelly add on...

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