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Bluetooth setup and use as standalone device

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I am looking to use the device as a delay timer for a button.

Can the shelly plus1 or any of the Bluetooth relays be setup by bluetooth and not added to wifi?

That way it can be used as a set device that just operates when the input is engaged. 

This scenario would be for a gate release button, but i would also use them for other scenarios.



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Can you please clarify your intention a little?

Basically, it is not possible to set up the devices via Bluetooth.

However, it is possible to connect via the WLAN access point provided by the device in order to make setups.

If the device is supposed to work without an internet connection, many time-based functions such as Schedule are ineffective.

Simple timers for Auto On or Off will work.

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The intention is to set it up in Bluetooth and not set it up on wifi at all.

Set up a delay timer on it, no scheduling required.

Set the operation so that when the input is closed momentarily via a pushbutton, it holds on for 30seconds.

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