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Wake on Lan or energy saving mode with i4?

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Hello from the far north of the country,

I have a vision and wanted to ask whether it would even be possible to put something like this into practice:

I have a switch in the office that is used to save energy. Recently, now that the I3 has come out on top, it now has an i4 in the background. I usually switch on an IP power strip to deactivate my peripheral devices when I'm out of office, such as monitors, sound systems, desk lamps, etc.

Since the I4 now has more options than the I3, I also came up with the idea of activating or deactivating the Wake-on-LAN mode or the energy saving function or the sleep mode using a script for a PC. Would that even be possible? In Windows there is a way to run a n command or a bach file via cmd.

Has anyone already realized a project like this?



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