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Shelly pro 3EM - wiring question

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I have the Shelly pro 3EM and my fuse board has 3 phase coming in,

  • 1x phase is for the ground floor, (LA)
  • 2nd phase is for the garden (with its own fuse board outside in ip67 cabinet (LB)
  • 3rd phase is for the basement (LC)


I am going to install the Shelly (have electrician lined up) in 2 weeks time but am not sure how to wire in the LB and LC in terminals B and C as there are no 10amp fuses in the board for phase 2 and 3 as those 2x phase have their own fuse board in the basement and the garden

Any tips? 




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Excellent, I cannot get hold of the first 2 suggested products quick enough but the wago ones are widely available

 I would get those 2x wago’s wired in to the breakers for the basement and garden in the main fuse board and this will provide the 10a protection in case of an overload and will also ensure correct measurements are taken and will take power for LC from one of the 10a fuses in the main board.

I understand that LC actually powers the Shelly Pro 3EM so will connect that to Phase 1, Phase 2 will remain LB and Phase 3 will be connected to LA

Thank you 

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