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Possible to use it without connecting to all three phases?

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In Germany, there is a law that mandates changes to the electrical system of a house (even if it's your own property) needs to be done by a professional electrician. And I am a software developer, not a professional electrician. Unfortunately, I cannot find an electrician who wants to help me install a Shelly 3EM Pro.

So, I wonder if there is a way for me to use Shelly 3EM Pro without breaking the law.

What I can do without breaking the law: attach the three sensors to the three phases - there is no manipulation of the phases, so that's not an issue. Also, I have an electric socket near the fuse box. So, my idea is to simply attach a cable with a standard plug to the Shelly 3EM Pro on N and C. But this way I cannot connect A and B to the other two phases.

My Questions:

  • Will Shelly 3EM Pro operate when connected that way?
  • What drawbacks/issues will it cause, not connecting A and B?
  • The socket I could use is directly beside the fuse box and I know what phase it is connected to - is it a huge problem not directly connecting to the phase inside the fuse box, but using a socket to connect to the phase?
  • If A and B are needed to operate the Shelly 3EM Pro, can I simply use two other sockets connected to these phases?
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