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Dimmer 2 does not turn off? 5x broken?

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I installed quite a few Dimmer 2, plus 2 PM and 1 PM mini in my home.

Now I wanted to install Dimmer 2 for my bed rooms and bathroom to control LED lights. The rooms have between 5-7 bulbs.

in some rooms that worked perfectly. In others not. Where it didn’t worked, the lights turned on but I was not able to turn them off via the app or the physical button.

I tried by now 5 different Dimmer 2. None worked. In addition, one that had worked before, does not work either anymore.

I have no idea how to proceed. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Hi Do you have the model of the bulb as some bulbs say they are dimmable but in the end, they don't. This is common for down lights, just trying to gather more information regarding the lights and the setup. This way more information for the support team 

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So, we are using two types of bulbs in rooms where we have the broken dimmers.
In the kitchen, we are using four of these lamps in a row:
In the other rooms, we are using these types with a maximum of 7 for one room:
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