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Adjusting Brightness with Motion Sensor

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I have hallway step lights along my hallway that are set to 5% brightness from 9pm to 6am I want to connect a motion sensor to make the brightness 100% during detection then go back to 5% when detection complete. I was going to connect sensor output to the Shelly dimmer 2 output to achieve this but I’m not sure if this would damage the dimmer by back feeding it ? Any idea ?

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I never tried this but a scene might be the solution here. 

You could use the Shelly Blu motion and set the rule when motion is detected to set it to 100% and then when no motion is detected return to 5% this might be two scenes that would need to be created. 

I did a test with a motion and a Shelly Bulb I did this with no timer and only with Motion detection and no motion detection 


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