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Sleep mode for Shelly i4?

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Hi there, hope some admin reads this:

I know there is no official sleep mode for the shelly i4, but only a "eco mode" aka low power mode.

However since this device can act as a pure sensor: I would really appreciate a setting where the device is offline unless a button is pressed where it delivers the event and goes back to sleep again. I understand that there would be a delay of some seconds. Or alternatively a mode where the device keeps silent most of the time.

1) The device is located close to my head above the bed and currently produces 2,4Ghz radiation every 10 seconds -> this might not be healthy

2) The device consumes energy by doing that although I do not have any benefit from having it always on. As said it is a pure sensor.

Is there a hidden option somewhere of a sleep / ultra low power mode for this device? Or can I use an alternative firmware to achieve that?

Thanks for any hints.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your quick response!

I would like to trigger shades on a shelly plus 2pm and in particular a couple of shades at the same time. Additionally I have to use regular wall switches as my wife does not like remotes...

I also could not find a Button2 or a Button BLE, only a Button 1 and a Button BLU.

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