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Range extender and sub network

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Hello all,

I've activated the range extender on the BLU Gateway.

It creates a subnetwork xxx.xxx.33.0

From that network, I can access my "main" network (xxx.xxx.1.0) with no problem (and also Internet).

But from my network, I can't access any device connected with an ip 33.xxx.

So in my rooter I've added a route:

image.png.167b76de71957b7805373cf802ec96a4.png is the IP of the BLU Gateway.

After that, I can access the BLU Gateway from it's address.

But my problem is I still can't access any device connected to that network.

I can ping a 33.xxx but for instance I get no result from the port 80.

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
From icmp_seq=1 Redirect Host(New nexthop:
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=63 time=58.6 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=63 time=46.3 ms

Anyone knows why ?

And second question: if I understand correctly how mport works, if you connect to the BLU Gateway on that port, it will redirect to the 80 port of the device connected ? If this is correct, is it possible to change the 80 port ?

Thank you.

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The Shelly Blu Gateway would not act as a network Bridge so it will work one way but not vice versa. this is why you can connect from 192.168.33.x to 192.168.1.x but not from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.33.x 


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Hmm that would be going into the code of the chipset to change how it works. that is beyond my level of knowledge at this current time. 

What is your current use case that you want to accomplish?

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