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Use Data input as GPIO?

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The plus Add-on has 3 x 1Wire data pins. Can these pins be used as standard digital GPIO instead of 1Wire data bus?

It seems that the only sensor supported by these add-on data pins are temperature sensors. For my application (replace the Somfy Soliris patio shade control unit by Shelly plus 2 + Add-on) I don't care about temperature, but have 3 sensor inputs:

Light (sun) --> Analog input of add-on

Wind (pulse frequency) --> Digital input of add-on (still need to find a way how to get the pulse frequency by script)

Rain --> Coming from a relay in the rain sensor, hope to use one of the Data pins of the Add-on

Any idea how to use a 1Wire data pin as GPIO and read the status of a digital signal (rain sensor)?

Thank you


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The three data pins of the add-on “plus” are interconnected internally. And no: Only some specific temperature and humidity sensors are applicable.

Think about using a Shelly UNI plus (2 digital inputs) or Shelly plus i4DC (4 digital inputs).

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