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24v DC polereversal remote


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Hey there, 

I ask myself if there is a possibility to remote control a 24V DC engine with pole reversal. 

I saw a similar part like Loxone nano motor controller air but only with 3,5A. And as usual u have to buy the whole system.

max Current should be about 10A. 


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You’ll need 

(a) two relays with a NO/NC contact each, capable to switch the DC load,

(b)  two position switches to stop the movement at mechanical limits,

(c) a Shelly plus 2PM or 2.5 and

(d) the appropriate power supply.

Have a look at this diagram:


R and S are the relays for both directions. These relays are driven by Shelly plus 2PM (pins O1 and O2). The Shelly is supplied with 24V DV (Voltage V2). The position switches are denominated E1 and E2 and must withstand the current of the motor. Motor is supplied with V1. V1 and V2 may be the same, but must not.

Please be aware that power measurement is NOT possible, due the fact  the Shelly is supplied with DC. Hence, a calibration is impossible.



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