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Purpose of Wi-Fi 2 in Shelly plug setup App?

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What is the purpose of 'Wi-Fi 2' shown in the Shelly setup App? I have two WiFi mesh systems in my home (a 2-node system and a 3-node system) - each has a unique SSID. While all of the Shelly plug devices are on my 'main' system and are configured to connect with 'Wi-Fi 1', several of the plug devices would receive a much stronger signal on the second system.  But I'm guessing I would have to reset each Shelly to work with that second mesh system (?).

I was wondering whether 'Wi-Fi 2' in the setup would be of some benefit with this arrangement.

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WiFi2 is a fallback for when WiFi 1 cannot be reached.
As far as I know, Shelly device will only switch to WiFi2 if WiFi1 is completely unavailable. So they won't hop networks based on signal strength. Shelly device will however hop Access Points on the same SSID.

It can also be used when you're migrating WiFi networks.
You set the new SSID and password as WiFi2, then shutdown your current WiFi network and have all Shelly migrate, then move the settings from WiFi2 to WiFi1.

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