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Window Blinds - what makes my life easier


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Hello everyone, 

I am just renovating my very first self owned home. Since most of the electricity is from the 70s, I am replacing almost everything. However, there are motorized window blinds, which are controlled by switches next to the respective window. My wive would like to have the switches next to the door, which would be across the whole room and partially for like 3 windows in one room. In my opinion it would be quite a hassle to get all 5 stranded lines close to the door, since we are doing not a total tear down of the walls. I thought maybe Shelly could safe my day: would it be possible to place a Shelly inside of the window blind housing (which will be powered of course) and place a corresponding switch next to the door? So that the control of the blinds can be hit by a switch on the wall but actually communicate wireless (on top to smart home control)?


Best regards 

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It is of course possible to have the Shellys communicate with each other wirelessly, but keep in mind that you have no direct control over the window blinds if the WiFi or internet goes down.

A suitable input device here would be, for example, the Shelly i4 or even the wall display as a central control unit.



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