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kWh prices from Nord Pool available?


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Price pr kWh as well as transport tariffs can vary a lot from hour to hour.  Prices for Northern Europe can be fetched from Nord Pool. Tariffs are fixed in certain hour-intervals for certain periods and can be added manually. With this in place one could set up scenes to control high powered equipment to only run when the combination of price and tariff makes it advantageous. Is there any plans to make prices available and add tariffs as a perimeter in scenes?
Prices come at a cost, users would obviously have to pay for this service.

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There's an option use scripts to control shelly plus & pro relays. 
Script pull price information and with defined rules relays goes on/off avoiding most expensive hours or just using couple of cheapest ones to heat water in a boiler.
Finnish users have made some scripts to control relays with spot proces. One is sport-hinta (spot-price) and it supports FI, SE, NO, DK, EE, LV & LT areas. Page is unfortunately in Finnish, but scripts what are capable to use outside of FI region are in English. https://spot-hinta.fi/shelly-skriptien-esittely/

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