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2 motion detectors with one Shelly Dimmer 2

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Hey all, 

I have 2 motion detectors (IMG_0231.jpg: adjustable time with min. 10sec) that are wired with one Shelly Dimmer 2. Also Home Assistant is running for Logging.

If I'm using just 1 motion detector the whole installation works fine (Shelly is set to Activation Switch and Timer Auto Off 30 Sec - Home Assistant is logging events). As soon as I'm wiring both motion detectors in the same way the shelly doesn't get any events. Light is then just working with the APP. Anyone ideas?

Wirings of Shellys in the whole house were done by professional electricians, only motion sensors were installed on my own based on electricians advice. 

If I don't find a solution I will use a shelly 1PM behind one of the motion sensors.. but this is nothing that is preffered..



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