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Update in Cloud not on regulary base

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I recently purchased three H&T Gen 3. All are not updating to the cloud in a regulary base. I have checked the update intervals and would assume that at last all 2 hours an update would be visible in the cloud.

E.g. the last update for one of the thermometers is 5 hours ago and the other is almost 6 hours ago. The temparaterue also has changed in the rooms for more than the threshhold...

WLAN is stated as good...

Why is the update not done in the promised intervals?



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What version of the firmware are you on I have the same Shelly H&T Gen3 and it updates 5min 
Is the device running on battery mode 

  1. Wakes up every minute to do a measurement. The screen updates if there is a 0.2 °C temperature or 3% humidity difference. The default threshold for reporting is a change of 0.5 °C or 5%. If the change is less there will be no report sent.
  2. If there is no report based on threshold values for two hours, the Device unconditionally (disregarding threshold values) reports its status to Shelly Cloud and other connected channels.
  3. Due to self-heating a cool-down period of 5 minutes is imposed. During this period the Device would not wake up at all.
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Hi, firmware is the latest. 

regarding point 2 of your list I would expect an update minimum all 2 hours. But this is not happening 😞


the update to homeassistastant with WS is more frequently…




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