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How to create native zwave assosiations between Shelly Qubino Devices

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Hi there,


so has anyone managed to bring the following Scenario to life?


There are 2 shelly Qubino Wave 1 switches,
each switch has a light and a physical switch attached
As soon as I use one of the physical switches both lamps shall light, as soon, one of the physical switches is used again, the switches shall go off.

I do not want to run the hub permanently - as I use homeassistant with Z Wave JS UI - is there any way to create a native association between those Qubino switches?
If yes - how?


Looking forward for help...


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The way i did it was to create 4 Scenes 

I did it for two plugs but should work the same way. 
Scene 1 ( Plug 1 on) 
When Plug 1 = on Do plug 2 = on 
Scene 2 ( Plug 1 off ) 
When Plug 1 = off Do plug 2 = off 

Scene 3 ( Plug 2 on) 
When Plug 2 = on Do plug 1 = on 
Scene 4 ( Plug 2 off ) 
When Plug 2 = off Do plug 1 = off 

With this i am able to turn on plug 1 then plug 2 turns on. when i turn off plug 2 then plug 1 will also go off and this is in both direations. I think there might be a was to do it with just two scenes but this should solve it for you. 

for the test i did not but a delay on it i would maybe add a delay function so that the switches dont get stuck in a loop. 15 seconds should be fine. This is just a precuation for a delay factor 


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