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Thermostat sharing


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Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I have converted my heating and hot water controls to be based around a Shelly 4 Pro with some H&T devices for temperature measurement. It works very nicely. I have created accounts for other family members and shared the relevant devices. This also works well. But I can't find a way to share the thermostat I created to work with the Shelly H&T.

Is there a way to do this, so that the set point can be adjusted from other accounts?

I suspect there is an obvious way that I have missed.

Thank you for reading.

(edit - I'd forgotten that this forum seems to have close to zero traffic. I don't know why. I will ask elsewhere too!)

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Hi @N20net

We are currently reviving the forum in the next few weeks we will see more activity here. 

What H&T Device are you using ? 

As the H&T Gen3, H&T Plus, or Blu H&T? 

The H&T Plus and Gen3 can be shared to another shelly account with the share option. 
On another note you can also share the device that's linked to the heading to the account so that they could change the input state of the heating. 


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Hello Heinz,

I am using a H&T Gen 3, and a 4 Pro. I asked Shelly Support and they replied that thermostats can't be shared.

I have shared the devices with my family, but there is no way to share the thermostat. I wanted other people to be able to change the set point, but it seems that isn't possible. This means that they can turn the heating on, but the thermostatic control is not active, so it just heats constantly, which isn't ideal.

Thank you for the reply. I look forward to more traffic here. I'm not a fan of Facebook, which appears to be the main support method.

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No problem maybe there are other options such as Home assistant, this could be something to look into. 

As good as Facebook is the information can be flooded and not structured. In time there will be more activity here. Feel free to post more questions or use cases that might interest you 

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